Driver Database

Here is the list of drivers available to download. Click on the approriate driver to download. As there are many drivers having the same name, we suggest you try one by one.

# Driver Download
1 Perle SPEED4 PCI Adapter Download
2 TUSB3410 Device Download
3 TUSB3410 UART EVM Download
4 RocketPort-PCI 16 Port, PCI-BUS Download
5 RocketPort-PCI 2 Port, PCI-BUS Download
6 VScom PCI210S controller Download
7 Nokia Connectivity Adapter Cable DKU-5 Download
8 Exar's 8-Port UART PCI-Express Card Download
9 TUSB5052 Download
10 Advantech PCI-1612 Series Slave Bridge Download
11 MOXA CP-132 Series (PCI Bus) Download
12 Advantech PCI-1601 Series Master Bridge Download
13 Advantech PCI-1612 Series Master Bridge Download
14 MOXA CP-104U Series (PCI Bus) Download
15 Advantech PCI-1622 Series Slave Bridge Download
16 MOXA C104H/PCI Series (PCI Bus) Download
17 Advantech PCI-1602 Series Slave Bridge Download
18 MOXA CP-104JU Series (PCI Bus) Download
19 Perle PCI-RAS 8 V.92 Multi-modem Adapter Download
20 VScom PCI400L controller Download
21 VScom Dummy controller Download
22 Perle UltraPort8i Express Adapter Download
23 MOXA CP-102U Series (PCI Bus) Download
24 VScom PCI400H controller Download
25 Advantech PCI-1610 Series Master Bridge Download
26 Advantech PCI-1610 Series Slave Bridge Download
27 Perle SPEED LE1P Express Adapter Download
28 VScom PCI100L controller Download
29 MOXA CP-132U Series (PCI Bus) Download
30 Perle PCI-Fast 16 FMC Port Adapter Download
31 MOXA CP-102UL Series (PCI Bus) Download
32 VScom PCI200L controller Download
33 Exar's 4-Port UART PCI-Express Card Download
34 Exar's 4-Port UART PCI Card Download
35 Advantech PCI-1602 Series Master Bridge Download
36 RocketPort-Universal PCI 16 Port, PCI-BUS Download
37 MOXA C168H/PCI Series (PCI Bus) Download
38 PCI Express Multiport Serial Adapter Download
39 VScom PCI200HV2 controller Download
40 Advantech PCI-1622 Series Master Bridge Download
41 ITE 887x PCI Multi-I/O Controller Download
42 Advantech PCI-1603 Series Download
43 Perle SPEED2 LE Express Adapter Download
44 Advantech PCI-1601 Series Slave Bridge Download
45 MOXA CP-134U Series (PCI Bus) Download
46 MOXA CP-118U Series (PCI Bus) Download
47 Perle SPEED8 LE Adapter Download
48 Perle SPEED8 LE Adapter Local Bus Download
49 MOXA CP-168U Series (PCI Bus) Download
50 MOXA CP-114 Series (PCI Bus) Download